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Vinea was born in 2015 but the idea behind was born much earlier.

It's 2008 when Massimo Bistocchi, Jr. starts his first sommelier class in Assisi, Italy.

From there on his passion for wine grows like wine grapes in May and he starts a short but meaninful cooperation with a local wine grower until in 2010 he moves to Richmond, VA - United States.

The acclimatization is definitely neither easy nor quick but as some times it happens in life, Massimo is lucky enough to meet some wonderful people; one in particular is Rosalba Lo Presti, a very low key everything-is-under-control sicilian lady who will become a few years later Massimo's partner in business with Vinea.

Very randomly in 2011 he then runs into an italian gentleman even more, a perugian-born gentleman, Mr. Alberto Panella, President of a wine distribution Company called Grappoli Imports and almost immediately Massimo starts working for him.

Massimo works for Grappoli for about three years after which he decides to chase his dreams: create a wine distribution Company with the focus on italian wines and guess what? Mrs. Rosalba Lo Presti is there ready to get started.

Vinea starts in late 2015 as a distribution Company but soon enough Massimo realizes that this not his real "drive" and motivation so in May 2016 he decides to quit distributing for other importers to become a direct importer himself.

The rest.. is history..

Perugia, Italy
Perugia, Italy


Every vision is realized through the mission.

Vinea currently serves the State of Virginia stretching its territory in almost all parts of it.

Based in the South side of Richmond it has its strongest markets in Richmond City, Charlottesville and Northern Virginia. Most italian regions are represented in its portfolio which in fact is constantly growing.

Trustworthy wines, knowledge and personable staff makes Vinea a strong and reliable presence in an ever changing  market.

Ultimately, what is the goal of Vinea?

Just like the friendship that has been tying Massimo and Rosalba, Vinea aims to become a long lasting entity which all partners can see  as a solid business friend that is able to stay fresh with its own eyes wide open.

Vinea believes in craft wines and even more in a sustainable, organic and biodynamic winemaking.

In order to stay passionate and true to our main motif Vinea does not look at dollar convenience in the selection of its wines but rather weighing decisively  on quality, purity and work in the vineyard; not in the cellar.

Vinea is committed for the years to come to give a voice to the small-vintner realities that today  might be unknown but tomorrow can show why they deserve a ear.. and a palate.

Cheers y'all.

Conti di Bscareto winery - Marche, Italy
Conti di Bscareto winery - Marche, Italy